Turning Lost Students into Christ-centered LaborersTurning Lost Students into Christ-centered Laborers


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Welcome to Cru in Madison, Wisconsin.

Thousands of students and faculty descend on high school and college campuses each day. They come with dreams, hurts, opinions, and spiritual journeys that are unique to them. Some have grown up in church and think that God is just tradition and good works. Some have already experienced great loss through death or family struggle and question how a good God could exist. Some see the brokenness in their lives and are looking for the truth about who God is. Some have rejected God completely and have no intention of relating to Him. Each of these needs the gospel.

Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) exists to see movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Christ.  We want every student and faculty to know someone who loves Jesus and lives like it.  We do this by sharing about Jesus with everyone we can, discipling believers to grow in their faith, and preparing them to share the gospel on campus, with their families, and for a lifetime wherever God brings them.

Every year God works across our region to bring others into a deepening relationship with Himself.  We are excited to be a part of that process.  From our beginnings in 1951, we have always believed that if we can win the campus today, the world will be changed tomorrow.  Changed into a world where those who love Jesus plant gospel movements everywhere so everyone knows someone who truly follows Christ.

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